We are currently not offering chickens or eggs

But keep checking back as our flock in growing.  We are learning and putting in the infrastructure to have meat chicken and eggs for more than what we supply for our 30+ people who live here.   We hope to offer eggs at our market later this season.  


We have a growing herd of nubians, saanens and nubian /saanen cross.  We are using an all natural method of raising them, shredding oat and alfalfa hay, soaking barley and wheat, and giving them the minerals they need.  We have developed 3 pastures that are rotated and amended to have nutrient dense forage.  The milk our goats give reflect the health they are in.  Some say it the best goat milk they have ever had.  Goat milk for pets will be available on a limited basis at our on the farm market .   We sell some  of our kids in the spring.


We are developing an extensive garden of culinary and medicinal herbs.  Visitors will be able to walk thru our gardens and harvest fresh herbs or buy harvested herbs at the market or even a potted plant.  

Vegetables we are Offering in Season:

Lettuces,  Kales,  Chards,  Asian greens,  Cabbages,  Carrots,  Squashes,  Zucchini,  Celeriac,  Leeks,  Garlic,  plus..

Purchase what we have in season at our farm stand in the Oakley neighborhood.  9 Lora Lane, Asheville, NC

Lora Lane is off School Road